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Hello! And welcome to our online lovespoon store. We keep a small selection of lovespoons in stock for you to purchase at your convenience. Glyndwr, my father, is the carver of most of our in-stock items. Our lovespoons were carved in Wales!

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Treble Clef lovespoon from Ash  
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Ash: 11": $35 Pine: 16.5": $75 Ash: 16.5": $75 Ash: 15.5": $75

Since 2004, we have been honoured to design and carve lovespoons for customers that have wanted to celebrate their story, be it one of love, friendship or family, for specific occasions in their lives.

Here is our most recent completed commission:

This lovespoon honours a marriage that took place outdoors amongst a grove of trees. Unfortunately, the grove was destroyed by a tornado a month or so after the wedding. The couple was able to get hold of a large splinter from one of the trees in the grove, and this lovespoon was carved from part of that splinter.

The Celtic knotwork reflects their everlasting love, while the anchor suggests they have found the partner with whom they wish to settle down. The flowers are carved representations of the crocheted daisies that everyone received at the wedding.

The carved wording on the back of the spoon represents the groom's hispanic heritage as well as the joining of two lives: amor (love) and familia (family).

Since the early to mid-1900s, many of the symbols carved into lovespoons have been associated with romantic ideals. Some of the symbols have a somewhat definite and consistent interpretation, whilst the meaning of other symbols seem to revolve around a core concept. At Watkins Lovespoons, we believe that all symbols may be interpreted on a personal level by both carver and/or recipient. Follow this link for a selection of lovespoon symbols and their associated romantic meanings.